The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation  provides help in the healing process for parents and guardians  who are suffering from the loss of a child or  children.  We understand  the pain, anguish and emptiness the death of a child brings, as we lost our  twenty-one year old son, Bobby in a car accident on July 13, 2006. We have struggled with this relentless pain and now we want to reach out and help  others.

  • We host our “Healing” support meetings for parents that had a child die leave this world too soon. We also offer sibling support groups, young adults, Bereaved Moms groups and Bereaved Dads groups (when there are enough participants).
  • The meetings are held at “Bobby’s Place” in Coral Springs. Address – 11764 W Sample Road #105 – Coral Springs, FL 33065 (Map and Directions)
  • We have a licensed therapist to facilitate the meetings.
  • Meetings are held on different days/nights and times throughout the month.
  • For more information – please call Bobby’s Dad, Bob at 561-603-3819 or email at angelbobby13@gmail.com
  • We are a Non Profit 501(c)(3) and we want to help!
  • Our fee? No Charge. The way we see it – a parent that loses a child, already has paid the ultimate price! We will do this as long as we are financially able to do so.

If you lost a child or if you know someone who had a child die, please let them know who we are and what we do…we really want to help other families who suffer this awful tragedy.

“There is no relationship like that of parent and child. It is unique and special.  The bond between parent and child is so powerful that its strength endures time, distance, and strife. No loss is as significant as the loss of a child…On the death of a child, a parent feels less than whole”.